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A combination of professional film quality combined with hi-definition digital images on a format you can play on any DVD player for your TV screen. Most recent computers can also playback DVD images in the CD drive.

David and his team at Butterfield 8 can supply your memorable photograhic images in a variety of formats including Video and DVD. Photographs can be merged and edited digitally for DVD playback and to provide a 'preview'; for your TV. This is an additional option to Executive, Standard or Budget Album Collecions available from Butterfield 8.

This is a very flexible medium and is not a replacement for a Photographic Album. This makes it a rather special occasion to have both a Video and a DVD 'print preview' of all images before we create such a memorable book of the day. We can combine this with our normal print selection of images we normally provide.

We cater for
Silver Weddings, Jubilee weddings as well as religious or'Club 'events that your are involved in. Plus we can offer a special rate for many items of Photographic equipment and supply clients or family with temporary digital (or traditional) camera usage for the day, which can be processed along with professional photographs at our own Photographic laboratory!

Butterfield 8 Photography
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